The AgileCSI – Baseline Configuration Management System (BCMS) manages Off-Log, On-Log, Logistics, Regulatory Documentation, External vendor Management and other key operational requirements to reduce TAT and provide a company wide platform to coordinate the maintenance operations.

Agile's BCMS brings clear visibility into all operational gates of the maintenance process and understanding of regulatory documentation impact as well as provides users with the ability to visually see the progress and receive alerts to exceptions including those that fall outside of required responses from outside vendors. Ultimately it will reduce Turn-Around-Time (TAT), errors, associated costs and provide a higher level of service to the maintenance shop's customers.

Many maintenance facilities still rely on spreadsheets and manual processes that create inefficient use of resources and delays. With BCMS they no longer rely on these unreliable methods but now have a world-class platform to manage their business in a consistent and timely manner.

Agile's BCMS is a completely pro-active, automated and paperless maintenance and operations management system. BCMS combines subject matter expertise of industry experts and Microsoft SaaS technology to provide a 'natural user interface and logic' deployable system that is both effective and user-friendly. Users on all levels will know precisely what actions need to be taken to reduce TAT and deliver a quality product. BCMS configures to any Engine, APU, Airframe or other Component using industry standard ATA Structure with the maintenance operations's structure based on how they invoice.

BCMS acts as a virtual instruction manual, guiding users through procedures and providing feedback on their maintenance process performance in real-time. BCMS configures easily to reflect a user's specific requirement and will interface with existing IT system, procedures and processes. The On-Demand SaaS platform allows all authorized people to operate in a highly secure environment and to understand in real-time activities and challenges. Company personnel can review desired information in real-time, receive automatic alerts to exceptions that require attention as well as print out reports.

The AgileCSI – Communicator is a collaboration tool providing Operators, MRO’s and MRO’s Venders a real-time view into all activities and the ability to manage the complexity of maintenance events. The results are shorter turn-around-time and fewer invoicing disputes.

The AgileCSI - LLP Tracker tool replaces the need for the use of spreadsheets and manual efforts required to create and manage LLP reports in real-time. Our tool captures LLP data from either your existing information or manual systems. It performs the tedious calculations and provides LLP reports for an individual or an entire fleet of engines, landing gear, APU’s or components.

AgileCSI - Field Ops is your Real-time Operations Dashboard of your Rotary and Fixed Wing Aircraft operation from the Base into the Executive Office.

It provides a real-time communication platform and understanding of your operations, operational metrics and trends allowing you to make real-time analysis and decisions. It helps you focus on your KPI¹s in maximizing revenue and reducing costs.

Your Dashboard lights-up¹ and alerts you in real-time if the business operations fall outside of your set performance parameters. You will know in real-time Placement, Availability, Schedule and if your Customers Contractual and Operational Requirements are being met.

It eliminates the time delays, chaotic communication found with multiple phone calls, spreadsheets, emails, files, etc which cause confusions, delayed decisions, limited access to the transaction and historical data.

It will assist you in answering questions like: what is the daily contractual profitability and impact; how did a decision impact the business; do I have a balance of assets utilization and placement; and more. It assists in providing clarity of decision ownership and impact.




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