The goal for the AgileCSI SaaS On-line Service* is to :

Simplifying the complexity and eliminate manual processes to
ultimately save time and money.

Agile is:
Experienced — Based on our own experience and working with industry experts the AgileCSI SaaS Online Services designed to work for the people in a way familiar to industry norms. We have all used software that was expensive to implement, time consuming to operate, maintain and train. Often leaving us with the same question we started with.

Focused — We’re the only SaaS On-line Service* provider serving the aviation and aerospace industry, and unlike other “on premise” solutions, we are built on the best technology platform to service the global market.

Subject Matter Experts — Because of our background, we understand the critical nature of the aviation operations & maintenance business; we are known for reliability and a high level of service

Tom Lessing, P.Eng. is the CEO and President for Agile and manages Agile’s strategic planning and implementation, sales, marketing and operating processes.  He has been involved in the corporate and business development in the aviation, IT & energy services sectors for over 21 years with companies like Exxon, Boeing and Microsoft to name a few.

He sits on advisory boards and has mentored other business leaders in driving service intensive business and worked on transactions well over $100MM. He is an Engineering graduate from the University of Calgary (1987) and is a professional engineer.

Peter Jorssen is the CTO for Agile and brings tremendous technical expertise and innovation. He has spent 20 years in the Aviation field working with engine MRO MTU Maintenance as well as Air Canada in the Business Analysis, Information Technology and Maintenance divisions

His unique style to pull all of the complex dynamics together to create the AgileCSI Suite came from a users perspective making it intuitive and easy to use.  He studied Business Administration and Computer Science at Trinity Western University.

AgileCSI is a SaaS On-line Service* application that is accessed and simply subscribed to through a web browser without the need for any special hardware or software. *(SaaS – Software as a Service)






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