Production Lead Overview

Reporting to the Production Manager, the Production Lead is responsible for the daily production area coordination, employee team coaching, monitoring and supervision.

Location: Florida, USA

Type: Short Term Contract – Eligible to work in USA

Rate: TBD

Production Lead Key Roles, Responsibilities, and Authority (RRA)

  1. The primary RRA of Production Lead to ensure that the objectives of the Production Cycle are met, through application of the following;
    a) Lead by example and provide team leadership to proactively support the disassembly and assembly process, by ensuring sufficient resources are allocation to the right personnel within the team for delegated daily tasks to meet the defined production schedule

  2. Production Lead must consistently be responsible to identify and respond to Turn Time risks by;
    a) Having full transparency over all customer engines, modules and engine assemblies throughout the shop visit
    b) Identifying and managing work stoppages timely to minimize any negative effect on the production process

  3. Production Lead is responsible to insure that costs are maintained within allocated budgets through the following:
    a) Resources are assigned to priority tasks as delegated from daily production meetings
    b) Insuring labor hour booking is completed for all team employees on a shift basis by assigned work per work order or delegation

  4. Production Lead is responsible to communicate and co-ordinate the interests of Production area of responsibility through effective participation in meetings and organizational issues and insuring their team is aware of pertinent details

  5. Production Lead is responsible for coordinated personal and team training to insure multi-tasking is optimized to maintain a high level of proficiency and adherence to the FAA Regulations

  6. Production Lead is responsible for continuous and consistent process improvement initiatives within the team, and facilitates team building through department roles and responsibilities, and other activities

Reporting RRA Expectations

  1. Ongoing:
    a) On-time performance
    b) Turn Time performance
    c) Budget monitoring and consolidation

  2. Daily:
    a) Overall engine readiness status with respect to build or tear-down per the schedule
    b) Communication on tasking priorities per schedule, and company business to personnel
    c) Capacity utilization with daily labor hour collection and consolidation
    d) Consolidation and acceptance or rejection of deviations submitted; with respect to the noncompliance to the schedule
    e) Consolidation and acceptance, or rejection of missing, damaged or SNC parts
    f) Coordinate daily team meetings for the task delegation, feedback, and safety discussion
    g) Shift handover task delegation for work flow continuation

  3. Weekly:
    a) Consolidation of Projects
    b) Performance Management
    c) Overtime consolidation for approval and allocation
    d) Engine schedule update to direct the resource planning for the next week

  4. Quarterly:
    a) Team Goal setting, allocation and performance checks
    b) Team Personnel assessments
    c) Team Training requirement definition and allocation
    d) Team Vacation scheduling

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